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Welcome to Guru Company... We also make Memorial Fingerprint Jewellery for the deceased.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best jewellery for my baby’s print?

A:  As a baby has such small fingers and hands we recommend that you opt for a whole hand or foot print rather than a finger print. This will allow for a clear print to create your beautiful and personalised piece of jewellery.


Q:  Can you put an adult’s fingerprint on a charm?

A:  Of course you can! Our charms are not just suitable for children, but they are perfect for adults too. We do suggest that you opt for a larger charm or pendants and use a smaller print such as an index finger rather than your thumb!


Q:  Can I have prints on both sides of the charm or pendant?

A:  Unfortunately we are unable to create double-sided pendants. This is due to the deep set nature of the print into the silver of the pendant.


Q: How long does it take to make my jewellery?

A: Our manufacturing time can vary depending on our workload. Every piece we make is bespoke and handmade, which means that it can take time! We do try to show our current expected manufacturing times is shown on each product on the website. It is important to remember that we can only start to make your jewellery once we have received your fingerprint ready to recreate. We only work standard working days and do not work bank holidays or weekends. 


Q: Are they really made by hand?

A: Absolutely! We don’t use any machines to engineer our amazing pieces of jewellery! Even the shaping, polishing and finishing is all completed by hand. Here at GURU Company we believe that these hand finished touches are vital to maintain the quality of our jewellery. As each piece is made by hand you may find some small marks or blemishes. These are not defects, these are parts of the character of the jewellery.


Q: How is the best way to look after my jewellery?

A: You can expect silver to tarnish over time. It is a natural process, however, there are things that you can do to slow down the process. Limit the contact that your jewellery has with soap, hairspray, perfume, latex and food. Not only this but we recommend that you use a quality jeweller’s silver cloth to clean your jewellery regularly. You should also take care not to knock the silver of as much as possible.

What’s not to love about bronze? This alloy made of copper and tin is a beautiful and warm material used as an alternative to 10 or 14 carat gold.

Here at GURU Company we love making our jewellery from Bronze, it is not only durable, easy to clean and can last for years, but it can also allow us to create statement pieces of jewellery that are completely affordable.

We want to minimise the amount of jewellery that ends up being thrown away, so our goal is to create timeless pieces that can last for years. This is why we do not offer items that are plated in gold or silver; as we know that this plating can wear off over time and leave you with tarnished looking jewellery that is nothing like the piece that you bought.

The only downside of bronze that we have found is that the oils on your skin can cause a reaction leading to an oxidised, green layer of copper carbonate. The good news is that this layer can be easily washed away using soap and water and you can minimise the effect by taking the jewellery off at night.

You can also decide to coat the jewellery with Renaissance Wax, which can prevent this tarnishing effect. The wax will wear off over time, so it is important to do this process regularly.

We love bronze and once you see our beautiful pieces we are sure that you will love bronze too!