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Welcome to Guru Company... We also make Memorial Fingerprint Jewellery for the deceased.

The Process

When it comes to personalised gifts, what could be better than something made using the handprint, fingerprint or footprint of someone very special?

Here at GURU Company we use prints to create beautiful and handmade jewellery.  You can either send us an existing copy of your prints (email or post is fine) or alternatively, we can also send you a special printing kit. This is sent to you free of charge with every order you make.

The best bit is that our print kits are ink-less, this means that you won’t have to deal with all the mess that sometimes goes with ink printing kits. Also, as our kits are incredibly easy to use there is little chance that you can make a mistake. Easy as pie!

How to order...

The first thing you need to do is decide the product that you want to personalise, and with so much to choose from on our website, this is easy.

Your order is placed through our secure system and takes no time at all to pop your item (with personalisation) in the basket ready to order. Once the internet has finished its wizardry and we receive your order, we will send you through a confirmation and prepare to dispatch your free printing kit (if you haven’t already sent through your prints) ready for you to create the truly unique element at your own pace.

All major credit and debit cards are accepted through our secure payment system and if you need help through any part of the ordering process then we are on hand to help. 


Once you have ordered...

Clicked the order button and received your confirmation? Well, this is when the real fun is about to start. Within one working day, your kit will be posted out to you.

Our special printing kits are incredibly easy to use and allow you to not only take the prints quickly, but with no mess. Each print should take around 2 minutes to take, there are no complicated instructions and you can even take a print when your little one is sound asleep. 


Taking Handprints & Footprints...

Our special designed kits are suitable for not only our human babies but our fur babies can also have their prints taken.

Inside your kit you will find an all-natural “magic wipe” which is coated in an oil. The wipe can then be rubbed over your print of choice (hand, foot or paw) and then that in turn can be gently pressed onto the printing card (this comes in the pack).

That is when the magic starts; this light oil will turn into a beautiful dark coloured print on our special card.

There is plenty of space on the A4 sheet of card, meaning you can provide us with plenty of different prints, giving us the chance to pick the best one and if one is smudged, we can clear it up at our studio.

Don’t forget to wipe off the excess oil from your hands and feet when you are finished!


Taking Fingerprint... 

If you want to take fingerprints then this requires a slightly different kit.

Our fingerprint impression putty is just as easy to use as the printing kit and also has limited mess. It will pick up all the lines on even the teeniest of fingers and is completely safe and non toxic.

Whilst the putty starts off soft to the touch, once the prints are taken it will harden, ready for you to post back to us. 

Both impression packs come with full clear instructions.


The creation process...

We will let you know that your prints have arrived back with us and keep you updated whilst we get crafting and making your beautiful unique jewellery.

Absolutely everything we make is only to the highest quality made from pure silver, hand inscribed or stamped and hand polished.

We will also keep a copy of the prints you sent through for 12 months. Meaning that if you love your handmade gift as much as we think you will then you can make multiple orders during that time.